Excellently positioned

Excellently positioned

Our delivery vehicle-fleet gladly accepts new transport challenges

Increased logistic efficiency of Haubi's fleet of vehicles

Thanks to our fast trucks, Haubis is always present where our deep-frozen baker's specialities are currently needed. 90 vehicles are almost permanently on the way to our customers.

At Haubis, the right mix of different truck dimensions makes all the difference. From the pick-up truck to the articulated truck with 18 trailers, the complete fleet is equipped with ultramodern deep-freezing technology.

Clever route planner

Logistics at HaubisOf course we plan the routes of our drivers economically, but not inhumanly. After all, they are not impersonal suppliers of the ordered goods, but true ambassadors in the matter of enjoyment culture. These ambassadors should also have time to cater to the wishes and concerns of our customers.

Reusable by conviction

Bäcker-Mehrwegkisten"We would love to see you again", says our team in the commissioning department each time it sends a pallet with our brown reusable transport units on its journey. In deed, it does not take long until the same boxes rattle through the box cleaning machine in Petzenkirchen again. 

Masterly logistics performance

Our sophisticated logistics and our company-own fleet of vehicles for nationwide supply throughout Austria - and that every day. You order today, we deliver as soon as possible. In most cases already on the next working day!

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