Skilled masters in plaiting

Skilled masters in plaiting

Sometimes it is good to stick to tradition.

Quality assurance on the inside and out

If you have principles, you must also be able to formulate them. Only then can skill be measured. We at Haubis like to define our company culture by means of charming letters.

Quality assurance – both inside and out

Anyone who has principles must also commit them to paper. Only then can their handiwork be produced against measurable standards. Here at Haubis, we like to define our corporate culture by means of charming strings of letters.
Character traits such as consistency, prudence and a sense of responsibility form the recipe for the success of our bakery. These indispensable elements of the Haubis values are applied independently of any hierarchy. What applies to management also applies in the production hall.


This is what WE stand for.


Enthusiastic staff members Our work at Haubis is an important part of our lives. Everybody at Haubis wants to work well and with success. You can only work well when you know what the most important thing in life is: family. For generations we have all been taking responsibility for this through the love of our work.



The key to a company's success lies in its employees. Treating one another with respect is an important element of this. We all make a contribution to the security of our jobs by recognising Haubis as a brand that belongs to all of us, and working together to build upon and develop it. In this way, the success of each individual becomes the success of the company as a whole.


We are a family-run company. Within the family, collective success is viewed as a success for every individual. This is how we see teamwork. As everybody has their own characteristic strengths, mutual appreciation is essential to successful teamwork. We place the emphasis on US with the aim of creating prosperity and knowledge for all.


We all need courage to be able to achieve greatness, both for ourselves and for the company. The courage to think in new ways and to try new things, whilst also remaining true to ourselves. With the best of intentions, good, honest work and a sense of responsibility, we can strengthen our courage, explore new avenues and look happily and optimistically to the future.


We use the natural resources that have been entrusted to us, carefully processing them to create products of the highest quality, for the benefit of everybody. Our high standards of quality are based on a holistic approach: all of our thoughts and actions are integrated into our company philosophy. Right from the very start. For all Austrians.


We will only be able to see the challenges that we may be faced with if we open our eyes. Recognition of these challenges is the first step towards successfully overcoming them. An identified challenge is a real opportunity for positive change. If we are aware of our strengths, we can bring about positive change.

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