Sustainability that tastes good!

Sustainability that tastes good!

Old types of grain, organically re-discovered.

Only the very best

For us as a gourmet bakery, it goes without saying that we work with best ingredients only - also, if this sometimes involves considerable additional expenses. We examine each of our suppliers very carefully. In the same unrestricted way in which you can look over our shoulders.

Our purity law

Strictly regulated purity laws have been applied to beer for hundreds of years. At Haubis, the declared belief in "bread without tricks and double flooring" has been tradition for decades - with handshake quality. Chemical additives, colourings and preservatives are banned from our company. After all, best ingredients, traditional handicraft and the special flavour added by our stone-oven also provide for full enjoyment!


MehlOur most important raw material comes from Austria to 100% and mainly from organic farming.


SalzBesides fine, uniodized table salt, we prefer natural rock salt for selected sorts of pastry.


HefeWe give our doughs enough time to rise, which thanks to yeast takes place completely naturally. The result is bread that tastes like in former times.


WasserAt Haubis, the purest spring water from Petzenkirchen is used in the bakery in the form of vitalized Grander water.

Seeds & grains

SaatenWith our grain mixtures we pay special attention to freshness and quality. A small detail providing great additional flavour.



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