Out of responsibility for our region

Out of responsibility for our region

Our purchasing policy promotes positive developments and secures livelihoods.

From Austria - for Austria

With all baking ingredients from flour to salt, Haubis fastidiously takes care of the origin and full transparency from the field to the bread basket. This way, our bread & pastry turns into a largely regional enjoyable experience.

Almost 100 % of our suppliers and producers come from Austria. Most of them even from the direct vicinity or from neighbouring federal states.

Regional is the first choice

Regionale LebensmittelThis particularly applies to grain which is grown in Lower Austria, Upper Austria as well as in the Burgenland region. With this valuable, domestic raw material, Haubis not only secures bread as an enjoyment experience, but also the maintenance of traditional farming structures. The grain is ground in the Kittel Mühle - one of the most modern mills in Europe, only a few kilometres away from the Haubiversum.

Global exceptions

Regional, if possible - global, if necessary: because there are raw materials, which with the best intentions in the world cannot be cultivated in Austria or which grow somewhere else in a better or more suitable quality. We therefore require cooperation from other parts of the world with regards to certain domains, even if these are very limited. This is especially true of grains and seeds which add a certain touch to our bread & pastry.

Regional wenn möglich - global wenn nötig!

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